Why do duvets drill down?


The down bedding is made of high-density anti-mite and anti-running fleece fabric and CALENDERING calendering technology. It does not use chemical coatings and takes into account anti-mite, anti-running down and breathability as much as possible. In the anti-running test, after 8,000 times of beating up and down in 4 cycles of buffering, it proves that the fabric and filling are highly matched, and can reach the highest (level 5) anti-velvet level.

However, except for plastic, there are some gaps in normally breathable fabrics, and it is very normal for a slight fleece to appear during use.

In addition, because the workshop is not a vacuum, the velvet in the air on the surface of the factory during the production process may also be brought in during the packaging process. In fact, there is no way to absolutely eliminate running down in the industry.

So, what are the specific factors that determine whether a down product is running down?

First of all, of course, the fabric. Any fabric that can be used as a duvet quilt shell must be premised on high count and high density, and must be treated after anti-down; if the outer fabric has not been treated after anti-down, it needs to have a layer of anti-down Liner to achieve anti-running fleece effect.

The second is the sewing process. Even if the fabric has a good anti-down effect, down may still come out from the pinhole. For this reason, the winter quilts and spring and autumn quilts all adopt recessive quilting technology, and the pinholes between the velvet grids are locked to the inner lining.

The third is the quality of the filled down.

The duvet is not only filled with down, but also other small components such as down silk and feather silk. The diameter of high-quality velvet is generally more than 1cm, and it is difficult to escape from the fabric fiber gaps or needle holes. Most of the velvet or feather silk that can be drilled out. Of course, any down cannot avoid the existence of down silk or feather silk, and the down silk that falls off naturally or during washing will not affect the quality of the duvet.

When purchasing a duvet, pay attention to choosing products with high down content.

Finally, improper use and maintenance will destroy the downproof performance of the duvet. The service life of the duvet can be as high as ten years. It will not harden and does not need to be exposed to the sun, but it must be taken care of carefully.

One is to prevent it from rubbing against sharp and hard objects and scratching the fabric; the other is not to be exposed to the hot sun to avoid the velvet breaking and the fabric to become brittle; The impact on the fabric when spinning.

To sum up, down quilts will more or less have some flying filaments, but the flaws are not hidden. Good down is still the best thermal insulation material. In order to avoid drilling down and prolong the service life of duvets, please pay attention to identifying high-count and high-density fabrics that have been treated with down-proof treatment, difficult hidden quilting techniques, and fillings with high down content when purchasing. After a good quilt, you should pay more attention to maintenance!


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