Why is the down jacket you bought not warm?



When it comes to cold weather, down jackets are the first thing people think of, and its superior warmth retention is recognized. However, some people always feel that their down jackets are not warm? It's not that it's too cold, but that what you buy may not be a down jacket at all.

Why are down jackets so warm?

The reason lies in the quality of the filler. A good down is shaped like a reed flower, and the down ball-shaped fiber is densely covered with thousands of small triangular pores, which can shrink and expand with temperature changes, and have the function of temperature adjustment, which can absorb the flowing heat from the human body. Insulate from the invasion of cold air from the outside.

Therefore, the quality of down determines the thermal insulation performance of clothing.

▲ Flourishing down

What is the filling of inferior down jackets?

The down jacket you bought is not warm? It may be filled with chicken feathers, leftovers or fluffy cotton, and the amount of down filling is simply false. Putting on this down jacket, not to mention keeping warm, those who are not infected with germs are in good health!

 "fly silk"

A wholesaler who has been in the down jacket industry for many years told reporters that in order to reduce costs, many down jackets will add "flying silk" and then falsely mark the amount of down filling.

The so-called "flying silk" is the velvet after crushing the leftovers of duck and goose feathers. The down jacket filled with "flying silk" not only does not keep warm, but also may produce odor and germs due to the lack of high-temperature disinfection procedures, which may potentially cause diseases. Danger.

▲ "Flying silk" (poor quality crushed wool)

 chicken feather

The boss also said that in addition to leftovers, some down jackets also use chicken feathers to pretend to be duck down. For this statement, the reporter got confirmation in two chick processing factories.

The owner of the chick processing factory told reporters that during the process of processing chick roosters, the chicken feathers shed off will not be wasted, but will be dried in the sun and sold to down wholesalers, and then enter the down jacket factory to make down jackets for everyone to wear.

We all know that chicken feathers have poor warmth retention, low softness, and are not waterproof. Chicken feathers are filled with down jackets. No wonder they are still frozen into dogs even though they are wearing "down jackets"!

How to distinguish true and false down?

Touch - Rub the clothes with your fingers. If you feel that there are more rod-shaped things, it means that there are too many feathers and impurities;

Pressing - after pressing, the better the rebound effect of the clothes, the higher the down content in the filling of the clothes;

Smell——If the fishy smell is strong, it means that the cleaning is irregular.


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