You must understand the cleaning, maintenance, storage and use skills of down jackets!


  We wear down jackets in winter to keep us warm. Some people don't know how clean and stored down jackets are. Next, the editor of the down factory will explain it to you.

  Clean Down Jackets: Use a neutral alternative to clean down jackets.

Do not use strong reagents, bleaches and fabric softeners. You can soak for a short time before soaking. Gently clean necklines, cuffs and other easily soiled materials with a soft brush.

Washing machine select hot water and gentle mode, do not use the spin function and it will completely tear it. Down jackets can be cleaned with a fabric washing machine or a vertical liner to thoroughly remove dust and soap scum. Don't over clean.

Overwashing can damage the warm medium of a down jacket, so keep your washes to a minimum while maintaining cleanliness.

  Drying of down jackets: Down jackets should be dried in a ventilated and dry environment. Avoid direct sunlight.

UV rays can damage surfaces. Keep it cool and dry, the down jacket has plenty of room to turn. Once dry, continue to shake the jacket and lightly pat the down collection area to fully stretch the down and restore it to its original shape before packing it into your wardrobe.

  Storage location for down jacket: Please choose a suitable dry and cool environment for daily storage, and make sure the down jacket is clean and packed according to the designated compression bag, but it is only recommended as a substitute. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to store the down jacket once to make it fully stretched and dry. Store it in a compression bag and compress it for an extended period of time to reduce the elasticity of the down or insulation layer and thus reduce the insulation performance.

  The use of down jackets: Compressed storage for a shorter period of time will reduce the volume of down jackets. At this point, you can wear it or hang it from your body, and pat it down to restore the bulkiness of the down. At the edge of a campfire, watch out for sparks.

If the down is accidentally drilled at the seam, please do not forcefully expose the down, because high-quality down jackets are made of high-quality down, so the down is very slender, and pulling it out hard will damage the down resistance of the fabric. The correct way is to grab the fabric in the opposite direction and pull the fabric down back to the inside of the fabric. Some people have allergic reactions.

If you feel it, please stop wearing down jackets and seek medical attention in time. Some down jackets use waterproof or water-repellent functional fabrics. However, considering that the down jacket is mainly used for solid water (snow, ice), the down jacket is not glued at the seams and cannot be completely waterproof.

Therefore, do not wear down jackets directly in moderate and high-intensity rain conditions. There are small holes in the down jacket. You can find nail polish in the same color as the down jacket or a clear nail polish and apply a coat.

The hole will be sealed and will not drill down.

  The above is all about down, thank you for your understanding and support!


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