Basic knowledge of down


Basic knowledge of down

what is down

Down is composed of many tufts of filaments growing from the barbs of feathers without hair stems. It looks more like a dandelion seed. Down is a lightweight, downy material used by geese, ducks, and other waterfowl as an inner layer for warmth.

Ground poultry, such as chickens, etc. are not


what is feather

Feathers mainly cover the outer layer of birds, and their structure is planar. A feather runs from one end to the other with a rigid shaft consisting of a series of fibers forming a planar structure on either side of the shaft.

The difference between feathers and down feathers are planar structures, and their main function is to fly, and smaller feathers have a protective effect. Down is a three-dimensional structure, soft and fluffy, mainly used for warmth. Why is down so light, but still so well insulated? Because of the three-dimensional structure of down, it can“expand”.

Each tuft of down down holds more air than other man-made materials for the same weight. Each ounce of down has about 2 million filaments, which overlap and interweave to form a protective layer that traps air to retain heat and insulate.

How down and feathers are produced

After the down and feathers are washed and dried by a special process, they are classified by blowing air.

After passing through the selection equipment, the best down floats into the highest box, the second floats into the middle box, and the feathers, because they are the heaviest, fall into the bottom box. The entire process must be performed correctly to remove odors and ensure permanent fluffiness of the down. Which Bird Produces the Best Down In general, the best down comes from larger, more mature birds, and goose down is better than duck down for mature birds of the same age.

However, down from older ducks is better than down from younger geese. Larger down has a very high insulation-to-weight ratio. A duvet or down sleeping bag made with this down will be very light and very warm.

And, they last for decades. On the other hand, lower quality white goose down contains smaller down. It doesn't fluff and has a low insulation-to-weight ratio.

Even with more weight down, it can't be as warm as the former, and the down obtained from smaller birds is not only low in loft but also in a relatively short period of time they lose weight.“collapse”up. Because their fibers are too brittle. It's also often the difference between expensive and cheap goose down.

If you still want to unlock more down knowledge, then pay attention to the editor. The editor will take you to unlock more things you don't know“Down”Knowledge. Down, rest assured down!


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