How to keep the duvet from yellowing?


When you take the duvet out of the storage bag in different seasons, you will often find that the duvet has turned yellow. This is not because of quality problems, but due to some reasons during the use and storage process. Paying attention to these aspects can effectively improve the duvet. Huang's case.

First of all, when we sleep with a duvet, the body will naturally discharge sweat and saliva due to metabolism. They contain organic components such as protein, fat, lactic acid, fatty acid, amylase, etc., which will adhere to the fabric and continuously deposit in the gaps of the fabric , making the duvet gradually change color and yellow.

In this regard, we recommend that the duvet must be used with the quilt cover, replaced frequently, and washed regularly——Generally, the duvet is washed once every three years or so, and the down pillow is preferably cleaned twice a year.

Secondly, if the duvet is exposed to the sun, the down protein fibers inside will oxidize under high temperature, high humidity or strong light, and adhere to the fabric from the inside, accelerating the deposition of grease in the gaps of the fabric, causing the quilt surface to turn yellow.

In this regard, we recommend that the duvet be placed in the well-ventilated indirect sunlight to dry every week, which can not only expel moisture, but also emit the odor absorbed during use.

Again, improper storage can also cause the quilt surface to turn yellow or even moldy.

Especially during the rainy season in the south, it is necessary to pay more attention to moisture and ventilation when storing. After drying, the duvet should be shaken gently and left for a while before storing. You can put an appropriate amount of moisture-proof agent into the quilt, and do not use airtight The plastic storage bag should be kept dry, ventilated and protected from light during storage.


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