Is feather the same as feather silk?


When many consumers buy and sell down products, they will ask whether down and down silk are the same? Is the down silk okay and other doubts like this. Today, Jun will analyze down and down silk for you.

Down: It grows on the belly of geese and ducks, and is called feathers in the shape of reed flowers.

Because down is a kind of animal protein fiber, it has higher thermal insulation than cotton (vegetable cellulose), and the down ball-shaped fiber is densely covered with tens of thousands of small triangular pores, which can shrink and expand with temperature changes, resulting in a temperature-regulating function. Absorb the flowing hot air from the human body and isolate the invasion of cold air from the outside.

Down silk: including natural duck, goose down, feathers and fiber mixtures, adhesives, and environmentally friendly breathable films, wherein the feather puffy tires are made of down fibers, three-dimensional curled hollow, polyester It is composed of short fiber, low melting point fiber and textile fiber.

Down contains velvet, but there is no down silk. Therefore, in terms of quality, down must be better than down silk.

Because as a thermal insulation material, the down with velvet has better warmth retention than down silk.

In the world, there is no natural thermal insulation material that exceeds the warmth retention of down, and has good moisture absorption and divergence properties that other thermal insulation materials do not have. The best choice for thermal insulation products is down.

Down, as a manufacturer of washed down, has been specializing in customizing down of various specifications for 30 years. The down meets the national standard, Taiwan standard, European standard, Japanese standard, American standard and other down testing standards.

Welcome to call the national free hotline: 400-000-5908.

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