The down factory talks about the skills of distinguishing feather and down


  The "feather" is in the feather, and there is a central shaft called "feather rachis", and there are two rows of hard "barbs" called feathers on both sides of the "feather rachis". The main function of the "feather" is to stir the air when the bird is flying, to help the bird fly and to support the bird's body in the sky. The down factory will show you how to distinguish between down and down, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

  "Velvet" is a feather without a "feather shaft". It is composed of many slender and soft fibers that are irregularly gathered at a central point and connected to the bird's body. When the fibers at each central point spread out in the air, they look like flowers, so they are called "velvet flowers". The main function of "velvet" is to keep the body temperature of birds.

  Birds or poultry have "feathers," but only waterfowl and some birds that spend part of their lives in water, such as ducks and geese, have "feathers."

"Velvet" mostly grows on the chest, abdomen, neck and armpits of waterfowl. Mainly to maintain the body temperature of waterfowl while swimming.

  "Velvet" is the only natural insulation material.

"Velvet" itself cannot produce heat. Its heat preservation function is mainly due to the fact that each velvet has a lot of soft velvet. When the velvet spreads, it forms a three-dimensional pompom, which wraps the temperature insulator air in the velvet. In the ball; thereby becoming an excellent heat preservation bag, in addition to preventing body temperature from leaking, it can also resist the invasion of cold air from outside.

  Birds have long known how to use the mixture of "feather" and "down" to build nests, and when people steal eggs, they accidentally find that the mixture of "feather" and "down" is very soft, comfortable and warm, so they start to build nests. Harvest "down" to apply to warm clothing and quilts.

  At present, most of the "velvet" used by humans is collected from water poultry, such as ducks and geese. In terms of volume, the "velvet" of goose down is larger and the price is higher; the main reason is that the cost of raising geese is more expensive.

  In terms of warmth retention, there is basically no difference between duck down and goose down. Because "down" itself cannot produce heat energy, only the degree of warmth of the down jacket is high or low.


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