Which one is better for keeping warm, duck down or goose down?


  Winter makes people very cold. Lightweight down jacket with its unique heat-generating function is a must-have for going out in winter, especially in the current extreme weather conditions around the world. The reason down jackets keep you warm is that down jackets are made for the warmth of animals.

The higher word is "bionic". Ducks and geese can take a bath in the cold winter because they have a thick layer of fat and insulation, which makes them more effective than four geese. Our down jackets are made of duck down or goose down, which of these two materials is warmer? Let me know the difference between duck down and goose down.

  The first step is as far as the smell is concerned, duck down jackets and goose down jackets will smell a little bit, after all they are animals, but the smell is different. Duck down is usually oily and has a stronger smell than goose down, so if you are sensitive to smells, we recommend choosing goose down clothing or a good quality white duck down.

  Also, when it comes to durability, we all know that down jackets need maintenance or they lose their insulating properties.

Here you need to improve the durability of your down jacket. The oil content of goose down is very low, it is easy to be irritated, and the deterioration of duck down. If left unwashed, it will become fluffy after a few washes, and the heat retention will decrease.

If you usually like to be clean or have a special working environment, we suggest that you do not choose goose down.

  In addition, from the perspective of heat retention, goose down has a higher bulkiness, so it can be filled with more air and warm air, so it has a stronger heat insulation effect and cold air resistance. In addition, goose down is lighter than duck down and more comfortable for patients.

If you choose to travel north in winter, or stay outdoors in the south, it's a good idea to start with warm goose down.

  The above is the difference between the warmth retention of duck down and goose down, thank you for your understanding and support!


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