Why do down raw materials processed products take a long time to use?


do you know? The most important factor affecting the warmth and durability of a quilt is the bulk, or elasticity, of the fibers; once the fibers lose volume, the quilt loses warmth, just as if the quilt had been covered with iron. is the best example of z. In the processing of down raw materials, the biggest difference between duvet and other fibers is that it has a spherical structure, while other fibers have a linear structure, and the linear structure is easy to knot, so it will not take a long time to use.

Therefore, the fluffiness will not be affected the longer you use it.

Down is more water-resistant for longer. We should be very clear that most of the sweat that a person shed overnight is basically absorbed by the filling fibers in the quilt, so over time you will find that your quilt is getting less and less warm, heavier and heavier. Not fluffy, just needs to be left out to keep it fluffy in the sun.

Down wholesale products are different. Down has a layer of waterproof grease on top. When geese and ducks swim in water, their feathers dry out immediately.

So the down is not easy to get wet. Of course, considering the long-term humid environment of down, we need to dry it in the shade regularly, with enough space and enough air circulation (it can be dried in winter).

Duvets should not be washed frequently.

It is best to add a quilt cover to the duvet during normal use. The duvet should be replaced and washed frequently to prolong the life of the duvet. The buckles on the duvet cover and duvet should be fastened so that the duvet fits snugly.

Down is not fluffy after washing?

Down raw material processing manufacturers said that as long as the duvet has a high down content and dries, it will regain its bulkiness. If the bulkiness does not recover, there are only two reasons: first, the filling may not be down, but fly silk, flakes, feathers, etc., which will not be naturally fluffy. The second is that the duvet is not dry.

How to restore bulk? Toast the duvet at the right temperature to dry the down, then gently pat the duvet to restore its original loft. If it cannot be recovered, it should belong to the first problem. It is best to collect down products, because the waterproof oil on the surface of the down will not be damp and will not cause insects.

The only caveat is that it cannot be compressed for too long. Store in a loose, breathable bag in a dry and ventilated place. Considering the problem of occupying space, some families use vacuum compression bags for compression, which is actually wrong.

You may not know much about it, but one of the big differences between duvets and other comforters is that they can be refurbished. If you feel your duvet fabric is getting old and want to replace it; remove the down, make a new duvet cover of your choice, then refill to add years of life.


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